Stories tagged with: Stirling


Bound through time by words

It was art and creativity that drew Nick Hughes and his late wife Deidre together and, despite her passing away over a decade ago,...

A puppeteer’s journey

From performing in front of 3000 people in Myanmar to helping to bring hit musicals to Uluru, Bob Peet’s theatre career has taken him...

A path to healing

To the South Australian policing community Joanne Shanahan was a respected chief superintendent who supported countless victims through domestic violence crises. But to her daughter...

The science of cooking

In the kitchen with Sam Prance-Smith

The making of a musician

A unique talent for being able to “see” music that fits with a particular mood or theme helped Probir on his journey to directing and composing his first feature film.

Living in the fast lane

Riding at almost 400km/h on a 25-year-old, second-hand Suzuki motorbike is probably close to most people’s definition of insanity. And Kim Krebs agrees …...